Year 2 trip to Blackland Farm Activity Centre

A very successful new trip as you can read below:

On Monday, my class went to Blacklands Farm. We went rock climbing, crate challenge, ropes and the boulder wall, and abseiling. On the boulder wall we did lots of tricks. On the rock climbing, I got to the very top. The crate challenge is when some people put block on top of block and two people climb on the blocks. On the ropes challenge we had to work as a team all the time. When we did abseiling, you have to go to the very top of a wall and jump down holding on rope. You have to hold on to the rope so you can go fast or slow. I did not have a best one because it was all so good. 



First thing we did was rock climbing. On my second go I went quite high but on my first go I got higher. Then we went to the little rock climbing wall. You had to do things like clap your hands on top of your head. Freya won the first time and on the second go Amanda and Freya won. Next thing we did was the crate challenge. You had to hug somebody and you had to do as many blocks as you could without falling. Benjamin and Zak won both goes….. Then we had our lunch. I had a ham roll, half of a cheese roll and a Kit Kat. Then we went to the Ropes Course that you had to do 3 times and then you could make up your own course. My favourite was the crate challenge. 



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