Year 7 Team Building trip to Shoreham

On the 17th June Year 7 went off to Shoreham for a fun filled 3 days of team building activities; these included Canoeing, Problem Solving, Kayaking, Raft Building, Low Ropes, Climbing and Mountain Biking.


All year 7 had a fantastic time and were a credit to the school. They learnt a lot about team work and surprised themselves with what they could achieve. A special thank you to; Mr Hammond, Miss Knight and Mr Collignon for all their hard work.

                                                                                                                        Mrs Lee


Here are just a few comments from the year 7’s.


My favourite thing on the two activities was on the low ropes course where we all had to get over this wall and at the end Jacob just flung himself up and managed to get hold of Charlotte’s and my hand.

                                                                                                            Ashley Thomas


Our fist activity that morning was the one we had all been waiting for- raft building! We had ropes, 4 barrels and 6poles to use, we were taught how to do differently types of knots. When we got on the water we had to get to the other side of the river on our raft and fetch a barrel and bring it back, our raft was sinking but we just made it and we won!                                                                             

                                                                                                            Becky Kirby


Some of the activities were Kayaking, Rock climbing and Raft building – they were all amazing! The one I most enjoyed was kayaking as at the start I couldn’t do it particularly well, but at the end, after some encouragement I was doing very well!


                                                                                                            Jayson Pepper


The low ropes course involved working as a team to do difficult tasks. My favourite was the one where we had to get everyone through one of three holes, with a pre-determined amount of people to go through each hole. They were not allowed to touch the sides and if you did, then everyone had to start again. Amazingly we managed to do it first time!

                                                                                                            Katherine Parkin


I have learnt about myself that I like spending time with my friends and doing different things with them. I learnt that I have made great friends at Copthorne and we will always be friends.                                         

                                                                                                            Charlie Francis


The team building activities were great with Stu, We had to pretend to be a bomb disposal unit and have to move a barrel which had a cup of water ( liquid nitrogen) on the top from the middle of a circle to the outside of it using only 1 length of rope. My group did not do this very well and managed to blow ourselves up!!!


                                                                                                            Ben Tuvey


During the low rope activity, we had a task where all of us had to get up tot the top of the wall without any equipment. We used our hands to boost up or team. After everyone was up the top except me and Charlie, we had a hard decision to make, who is going first? Then we decided that I should go last, so I pushed Charlie up and then I just jumped and grabbed their hands!

                                                                                                            Subin Ahn



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