Life Coaching

Life coaching and emotional wellness

Our approach to wellness extends far beyond what you would expect in most schools. The wellness department works in collaboration with a professional life coach, and we provide a life coaching service to individuals from year 5 upwards.

This is because we value the individual. By investing in the more effective approach of one-to-one sessions that are personalised, we can impact the emotional wellness of a student. This is an opportunity for students to respond to what is happening for them right now, to be free of peer pressure, to express themselves honestly and fully and to learn and practice skills under gentle, supportive guidance.

Life coaching is a future-orientated and outcome focussed approach to life – sessions are less about what/who is the problem? and more about what do we want and how are we going to get there?

Some topics that are often explored during coaching

  • Who am I and what are my strengths and challenges?
  • What ‘type’ of person am I? (celebrate uniqueness and difference)
  • Building confidence and self-esteem/self-compassion (liking myself more)
  • Relationships and friendships – getting on better
  • Being more assertive
  • Managing my anger
  • Managing anxiety
  • Managing overwhelm
  • Managing how I feel
  • Learning to relax
  • Patterns of behaviour that work/don’t work for me
  • Concentrating and focussing better. Managing my attention
  • Memory and spelling methods
  • Interview techniques for my next school
  • Managing my exam ‘state’
  • Becoming a teenager
  • Thinking about Career options
  • Taking control of my life and making good personal choices
  • Goal setting – what do I want and how am I going to get there?

Most sessions involve discussion, questions, movement/practical activites or games and some sort of ‘take-away’ skill.

Life coaching and behavioural profiling

In addition to the life coaching opportunities, all of year 7’s take part in a workshop on DISC profiling: getting to know themselves and others. During the workshop we generate an online report on personality style (parents receive a copy), and then the pupils sit with the life coach for six sessions throughout the year, working on themes around their profile. All sessions involve the setting of some sort of goal or outcome. The sessions cover the following themes:

  • Recognising and celebrating difference; my report and how to use it
  • My strenghts – me at my best
  • Relating better – looking at relationships that work and those that do not
  • Changing behaviour – my blind spots…..what can I do about them? How do I modify my behaviour?
  • Future me and timeline travelling
  • What have I achieved this year and setting goals for year 8

This is a unique and enterprising approach to wellness. Our life coach is qualified in a wide range of specialisms, all of which work extremely well with students and learners.


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