We have had a very exciting time this week!

On Monday we were entertained by a Punch and Judy puppeteer who taught us how to make puppets and how to bring them to life as well! He showed us his booth and how it collapses to fit in his car!

He showed us some very old puppets and told us how they were made and described the materials that had been used. He inspired us to make our own. So on Grandparents afternoon all was rather quiet in the year 1 classes as we attempted to sew our own animal puppets. Thank you to all who were involved, for your patience! We tried hard to remember the stitch we were meant to be doing – however our teachers and Grandparents rescued us when things went a little awry!

We have also started to make our own small puppet booths with card and paper as we were shown and also made puppets on lolly sticks to enable us to perform our own shows!

We also have looked at our art work that was displayed so beautifully in the Rendell Room. What a busy Arts week!