A sunny morning at the British Wildlife Centre

Year 1 –  enjoyed a wonderful, hot and sunny morning at the British Wildlife Centre.  They were lucky enough to see a 3 week old baby owl, fluffy but ugly according to some, and the red squirrels were particularly full of energy, with one squirrel deciding that Mrs Passmore’s handbag and arm were a good playground! The children asked lots of questions about where babies come from; we hope there is no confusion between Mrs Tregunno’s tummy, the baby foxes and the ugly baby owl!

Tali :  Badgers are nocturnal

Jope:  Hedgehogs hibernate in winter

Harrison:  A hedgehog eats eggs.  It lives in grass.

Emily:  The hedgehog eats insects.  It lives underground.  It curls up when it is frightened, like if a fox is attacking a hedgehog.

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