The highlight of our week was the trip to the British Wildlife Centre. We have learnt all about the animals that might appear in our gardens or fields nearby. We listened to the sounds of the cuckoo bird, foxes, and owls. We learnt about what these animals eat and the children should be able to tell you if they are carnivores, herbivores, omnivores or even an insectivore! We saw Flo the friendly vixen and learnt that male foxes are called dogs. We also had a close look at the eye colour of the owls as this helps us to know what time of day we might spot them. They have black eyes if they are nocturnal, yellow if they are out in the day and orange if they can be spotted at dawn or dusk. We thought that the wild cat looked a bit like Blaze but was certainly not as friendly!  The deer were exciting too and we learnt that the males fight using their antlers to gain lots of girlfriends. We also know how to spot the difference between black and brown rats should you come across any!