Students with headteacher

Another very busy week!

27th May 2016

The children followed up on their Duathlon excitement with some fabulous writing about taking part.

Aaradhana wrote ” I cycled a princess scooter, it was fun and after that I ran really fast then I got a medal and it was shining and it was my first ever time that I got a medal. It was nice.”

Nathaniel wrote in his neatest writing with capital letters and fill stops “I ran so fast. I got a medal. I got a sticker. I had fun.” All the children have improved hugely with their literacy skills and we can see them trying hard to get their letters on the line all formed correctly, use capital letters sometimes and above all use their phonics knowledge to sound out words and have a go!! We love watching this happen and the confidence that comes with it.

In maths we have continued to work on place value and more and less.

We also started talking about summer time and how to stay safe in the sun!

The race is on for Sports Day as we have started practising in our groups! Mrs Parker has been working hard this week to get us ready for this exciting event. All the children seem very tired and ready for a lovely break! Here’s hoping the weather is kind to us all! We look forward to seeing all the children back after half term for our final few weeks before …Year 1 (dare we say the word)!