Autumn Term Information for Parents

Mrs. Oli Pitcaithly   1 OP

Mrs. Cath Passmore  1 P

Mrs. Ginette Butler (classroom assistant)

Mrs. Annette Davidson (classroom assistant)

Mrs. Zoe Moulin (classroom assistant)


Special events through the week – September 2008




Please bring P.E. kit and swimming bags to school.


Return homework, including spelling book, number bonds and reading book. Number bonds are tested on Tuesday or Wednesday. Spellings are tested on Wednesday or Thursday.


It may help to make a copy of the spellings and keep them at home, for frequent revision. Magnetic letters on the fridge or small whiteboards are a good idea. You will notice that the spelling books also give handwriting practice. We use a cursive script in year 1.


Both classes have music today. Mrs. Passmore’s class with Mrs. Farmer and Mrs. Pitcaithly’s with Mr. McLean.


We have swimming lessons on Monday. If you would like to help us change the children for swimming please put your names on the rota in the front hall. Please meet us at the pool at 1.20p.m. and stay until the end of the school day.




Chapel day. We ask that all children be punctual in the morning. If you arrive after we have gone to chapel please stay with your child in the department, until we return. Your child does not need a blazer for chapel in the winter. Either the winter or summer coat is suitable, depending on the weather.


Number bonds test


Both Year 1 classes have French with Mrs. Swadling today.


Mrs. Passmore’s class has music with Mr. McLean.


Reading books come home today.


Gardening club, after school.




Half of Mrs. Pitcaithly’s class will have sewing while the other children have a computer lesson.


Both classes have P.E. today. The children will come home in their P.E. kit with their uniform in their red bags. Please send the kit back in the bags the following day.


Spelling test



Mrs. Pitcaithly’s class has music with Mrs Farmer.


Mrs. Passmore’s class has Music and Movement.


Tennis club is at lunch time.


Ballet and swimming lessons after school.





Mr. Jones visits our classrooms to look at ‘good work’.


Each class teacher chooses someone who has worked hard to be the ‘star of the week’.


A group of Mrs. Passmore’s children class has sewing with Mrs. Butler while the other group has a computer lesson with Mrs. Passmore.


Mrs. Pitcaithly’s class has Music and Movement.


Weekend written homework and reading books come home today.


Practical Matters


It is very important that all uniform is clearly named, even underwear! Woven labels (Cash type) are preferred.


We encourage the children to tie their own ties as soon as possible. Stars are given each week to those children who have acquired this skill.


We ask that children do not have lace up shoes and trainers until they can tie their own laces.


Plimsolls are essential for the sports hall floor. Please check, at the start of each half term, that they still fit.




In Year1 we aim to build on the excellent foundations your child has received in the Reception year. The half term overview, of the work we have planned, is available to read in the front reception area. Our timetables are also in the curriculum file.


Above all we want to ensure that your child reaches his/her potential and has a happy, busy year.


We have a parents’ evening in both the autumn and spring terms and a full report is written in the summer term. We are always happy to meet parents, before or after school, should they have any concerns or queries.


The Year 1 Curriculum



1 Creative writing

2 News recording and non-fiction research

3 Comprehension activities

4 Phonic learning for reading and spelling

5 Spelling

6 Handwriting, cursive script



1 New Heinemann Scheme

2 Number bonds leading to multiplication tables

3 Formal addition and subtraction in squared books

4 Learning the language of number e.g. find the difference between two numbers

5 The measuring of length, weight, time etc.



Following the National Curriculum:

1 ourselves

2 colour

3 growing

4 materials

5 forces


History and Geography

These subjects will be studied as part of topic based work.



Once a week we have a formal computer lesson in the resource room and each classroom has a computer with interactive whiteboard and educational software.



Illustration comes into all areas of work. Children are given the opportunity to work with different materials in 2 and 3 dimensions. Close study of famous artists.



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