Comparing Ourselves

This week we have been busy comparing ourselves to our friends – looking at our eye colour, hair colour and measuring ourselves to see how tall we are. We have completed tally charts to keep track of the information and made graphs on the computer to present this information.

In Mrs Blacker’s class Harry was the tallest and Sachin was the shortest while in Mrs Lock’s class Rohan was the tallest and Leo the shortest! We have been having fun describing animals and guessing what they might be. Then we wrote our descriptions in our books.

Noah: ‘I have a tail. I walk on two legs. I have really sharp feet. I have sharp teeth. I have quite long arms. I eat meat. What am I? A velociraptor!’ 

Eddie: ’I have no legs. I have a fin. I have sharp teeth. I have a tail. What am I? A shark!’

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