The children have enjoyed an exciting Book Week…reading stories in our classroom dens, designing book covers and writing their own stories and comic strips about ‘Dilly the dinosaur’……..the naughtiest dinosaur in the world! How fantastic the costumes of both classes looked on World Book day too!

In maths the children have been working on using maths facts to help them calculate quickly and mentally. They are good at recognising doubles and using number bonds to help them to add and subtract.

In Forest School, the children spent time identifying our forest trees and describing their various features i.e., smooth/rough/bumpy bark and then drawing them using charcoal made on the campfire. We also made impressive maps of our school grounds and tried to follow them!  As we walked around school some of us got to ask grown-ups what their jobs were including Matron, Mrs Vinten and Mrs Ford in the Nursery too.