Inflatable Planetarium

Inflatable Planetarium –  Year 1 & 2 enjoyed taking part in Science Week this week.  On Monday we went up to the Sports Hall to have a look in ‘The Planetarium’ from Herstmonceux Science Centre.  We sat in a big dark tent where Brad projected images from a telescope so that we could see the stars and planets in real time. We learnt that a constellation of stars is a group of stars.  They often create a picture in the sky.  We looked at Orion and saw his belt which is made up of 3 bright stars.  Jupiter was the most interesting of the planets; Brad told us it’s the largest planet and before lunch he could see storm clouds.    Watch out for the big full moon this weekend; it is going to be the largest one that the children will  experience in their life times!   Thank you to Mrs Ahluwalia for her useful mnemonic …. My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us Nine  Pizzas … to help us remember the order of the planets going away from the sun.

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