YEAR 1 have been practising number bonds this week and we hope the children are enjoying the Mushroom Mayhem Abacus game!

We have also been writing about ourselves – how old we are, how many siblings we have and what we like to do.

Sophie wrote “I like diving in the sea. I am five years old. I like pasta”. 

Anna wrote “I am five. I am Anna. I have a big brother called Jacob. I have two guinea pigs called Scruffy and Fluffy and a cat called Maddy.” 

Priya wrote: “I lost a tooth on Tuesday. There is a gap in my mouth. I am nearly 6”. 

And we have found time to look at the things that keep us alive and healthy! We have been talking about the importance of washing, putting on clean clothes and brushing our hair. Don’t forget to give yourself ticks and smiley faces for all the tasks you complete at home to keep you clean in the holiday. Happy half term!