Students with headteacher

New Year’s Resolutions

15th January 2018

We all seem happy to be back in school this week and we have been very busy already! We have decided on our New Year resolutions and they include Finn saying he will get changed quickly for school and also Mahi for the very same thing! We are already impressed with Aiyana’s resolution to eat more vegetables as she ate her cabbage on Tuesday! Emily and Loic want to be able to swim in the deep end this year.

We have enjoyed the Daily Mile runs this week and it has already helped Avyanna in her resolution “to be healthier by running a bit more”.

We have begun painting pictures of our homes and noticed the different shapes we need to paint to make a good effect. Along with starting to discuss the wide variety of materials needed when house building, we discussed the different types of homes we all live in too. Thank you for the photos you sent in – they helped our work enormously!