Students with headteacher

Our homes are special

17th January 2016

We have been discussing our own homes this past week and deciding whether the children live in a semi-detached house, a bungalow, flat, detached or terraced house or a mobile home. We talked about what made our homes special.

Leo said his home was special because he peacock feathers in the lounge! Kye said he had a playhouse in the garden and Rohan said the people in his home made it special. Noah said his home was special because he has a tree house, Michael and Sachin have trampolines and Sienna has a cat!

In our maths we have been working out our own addition and take away sums using three selected numbers and realising that we can make addition sums by reversing the numbers i.e. 7+3=10 and 3+7=10 and taking away means always beginning with the largest number. Perhaps they can show you how clever they are!