Students with headteacher

Paddy from the Dog’s Trust came to visit!

6th November 2015

On Tuesday ‘Paddy’ and Jo from the Dogs’ Trust came to visit us. The Dogs’ Trust look after and help unwanted dogs to be rehomed. Paddy was found on the streets of London but luckily for him, was rescued by Jo! He came and helped us to know what a dog needs in order to be healthy and happy. Some of us got to check whether he had fleas and healthy ears! We learnt that a dog needs to be taken for a walk at least twice a day – even when it rains – which was quite a shock for some of us!

Jo explained how to stay safe around loose dogs if we are scared … by using the ‘X factor’ (cross forearms, hold own shoulders and look up at the sky!), not to make a fuss or run. Then we learnt three things to do, if we do want to stroke a dog:

1: Always ask the owner’s permission and where the dog likes to be stroked;

2: Make a hand into a fist, fingers towards the floor and stretched towards the dog to sniff;

3: Enjoy the stroke!

Then we all had the opportunity to stroke ‘Paddy’ if we wanted to – and most did. ‘Paddy’ behaved remarkably well at school and the children listened with great interest and attention too.