Students with headteacher

Pre-Prep LAMDA Results – March 2017

22nd April 2017

Congratulations to all the Pre-prep students who sat their LAMDA exams just before the Easter break. We were fortunate to have a very experienced examiner on this occasion who has written very detailed reports on all the students. I was delighted with the results as all students gained either a merit or a distinction and a number of the students scored over 90 marks out of a possible 100. Most pleasing was that 90% of students gained full marks for their discussion with the examiner which is outstanding as they are marked on their communication and concentration skills. Well done everyone.

The deadline for registering for LAMDA lessons for the next academic year has now passed. However, if you would like me to add your child’s name to the waiting list, please email me at

Pre-Prep LAMDA Examination Results

Jack FIntroductory Stage 3Merit
Louis KIntroductory Stage 3Distinction
Freddy GIntroductory Stage 3Distinction
Caelan DIntroductory Stage 3Distinction
Anishka PIntroductory Stage 3Distinction
Sienna CIntroductory Stage 3Distinction
Rohan GIntroductory Stage 3Distinction
Caden MIntroductory Stage 3Distinction
Michael DIntroductory Stage 3Distinction