Students with headteacher

‘Rainbow Fish’

25th June 2018

Over this past week both classes have been to the woods and spent time twisting and wrapping wire to make a dream catcher for the home or garden. Most children then went on to collect items from the woods to add to the wire rim to decorate the dream catchers….we know how they catch any ‘bad’ dreams the children might experience!

In our maths we have spent time looking at the patterns made on a hundred square by adding 10 to a particular sum and working our way up to rather large numbers. Some of us are very good at spotting patterns in numbers now.

Our art this week carried on from our literacy last week about the ‘Rainbow Fish’. Having written about the story we then drew our own fish and added lots of scales ….trying to remember to apply the scales from the tail upwards and only adding one shiny scale so he was a happy fish!