Students with headteacher

‘Room in a Broom’

11th March 2016

IMG_5004We very much enjoyed our Dressing Up Day and all looked wonderful in our ‘Room in a Broom’ costumes! Mrs Blacker’s class wrote inventive stories about their characters.

Noah’s story starts beautifully:

‘I was flying for two hours then my tummy rumbled. Then  heard a SNAP! It was  loud you could hear  from miles away and I thought ‘what was that?’

You will have to ask Noah if you want to know the answer!

Mrs Lock’s class described themselves as their characters:

Jack was a dragon: ‘I can breathe fire out of my nose …. And I  green dots on me!

Harrison was a cat and he was pleased with his ‘triangles as ears and fluffy. We also embraced our science workshops Thursday and Friday and had great fun making our bird seed cakes – they do not smell great, but we are hoping the birds won’t mind! Also on the science front – we planted our ‘Rudolf’ and ‘Rocket’ and the competition now begins to see which grows the heaviest crop!