Students with headteacher

“Shape Hat” Homework

5th February 2016

We had lots of fun last week naming and describing 3D shapes, culminating in ‘Shape Hat’ homework over the weekend! – well done to all of you that were involved in the production of some quite amazing creations! We hope the chil-dren had lots of fun making them!

We have continued with the science part of our topic this week and have been learning about magnetic materials that surround us. I’m sure you will look forward to receiving a child-made magnet for your fridge in the very near future!

We enjoyed our visit to St John’s Church in Copthorne and were able to make drawings of the beautiful stained glass

windows and the font. We also had another cooking week as the second half of the class made

gingerbread men, and we shared the delicious results! Getting to be a habit … think we will all miss it next week!