Students with headteacher

What an exciting start to our new term!

22nd April 2018

We have already made a ‘Save the Date’ invite to the Royal wedding in May and have made our own ‘Castles and the Sun’ picture in our art lessons- recreating the famous Paul Klee picture. We thought carefully about the shapes we needed and named them as we placed them on our pictures. We also spent some time discussing whether our castles should be symmetrical or not.

Mrs Frith’s children went to Forest School where they made swords with which to defend our castle! It was a challenge to tie the sticks together with string but the teachers were impressed by the perseverance shown. Mrs Lock’s children have been finding out the best classroom material for castle building, and gone on to make group castles. We also programmed the Bee Bots to knock down castles which was great fun too!