Students with headteacher

Working out the maths!

13th May 2016

We have been working very hard in our Maths by trying to work out doubles of numbers and halves too. We have cut shapes out very carefully and tried to fold them in half and even quarters. We worked out that even numbers halve more easily than odd numbers and we are becoming very clever at working out what an odd or even number is!!

We have been writing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and are hoping that our class bean performs as well as in the story! Mrs Lock ( and the children!) is very excited to know that her class potatoes have finally begun to grow and were not waterlogged at Easter after all! Mrs Blacker and children are thrilled that their potato plants are so tall that they are showing above the bag … however, are there more potatoes under the soil than Mrs Lock’s class? Only time will tell!