Students with headteacher

Year 1

16th November 2020

Year 1 has had a very busy week full of lots of different activities. We spent some time making poppy collages to hold for our Remembrance Service and learnt about why we have poppies to symbolise this day. We have also put our craft skills to the test in making some Diwali lanterns for our RE. We first looked at some beautiful Diwali designs and then coloured in our own patterns before cutting the paper and folding the designs into some beautiful lanterns. We have continued to find out about why we have firework night and learnt about some of the problems the ‘plotters’ faced when planning to blow up Parliament. We look forward to acting out the whole story next week! In our writing, we have been looking at rhyme and had a go at completing a poem about fireworks with some rhyming words which was very tricky. We had lots of fun testing our senses in science, tasting and smelling various things to see if we could identify the item… some were more pleasant than others!