Year 1

22nd March 2021

Year 1

Although it is only our second week back at school after lockdown, it already feels like we have never been away! The children have all been working really hard and have also enjoyed playtimes and being with their friends. For some, the highlight of the day is being able to have a two course meal at lunchtime in the dining room whilst chatting to other children.

In Maths we have been investigating capacity and using the language empty, full, half full and comparing and ordering different volumes of water by using the terms more and less.

Our English lessons have continued to focus on the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Now that we know the story so well, we are able to really play with our understanding of it and explore different genres of writing. Last week we took on the role of a TV news reporter and this week we started to write our own newspaper reports. Our headlines are so exciting that the teachers can’t wait to read our finished articles.

Jack sells family cow! (Bertie)

Jack escapes from giant! (Isla)

Harp and chicken stolen from giant! (Ollie)

Boy climbs a thousand metre tall beanstalk! (Chloe)

Boy sees castle in the sky! (Zoe)

Boy steals harp and golden hen! (Ore)

In Science, we have been looking at the different parts of a plant and labelling them too.

This week was 1SPS’ turn to go to Forest School with Miss Pavlou and the children and staff all had a great time! Miss Pavlou recapped on the rules of Forest School and set up lots of different activities for the children to choose from. Some children made magic potions with the portable mud kitchen whilst others set up their own camps and made assault courses or held jumping competitions.

Half the class were able to have hands on experience of wood cutting using a rubber mallet to hammer Miss Pavlou’s axe so that a disc of elm was cut in half. They then used a palm drill to make holes in each of the halves before decorating them and attaching them to a thread to make pendants which they gave to others as a token of friendship. Harry announced that ‘we can all have a love connection even when we are at home’; Lottie and Freya made theirs for each other so that they could wear them if ever separated by lockdown again, and Isabelle was given more than one so that she can remember her friends when she moves to Canada. The other children can’t wait to make their own during the next Forest School session.