Students with headteacher

Year 1

26th April 2021

It has been a joyful week back at school, especially as the sun has continued to shine! To introduce our topic of Kings and Queens around the world, we talked about the role of the Monarchy and made up our own rules and laws if we were King or Queen! There was lots of discussion with some great ideas such as giving money to the poor so that no one is homeless to a debate on whether children should be allowed to drive cars! We also looked at different crowns through time, thinking about their shape and materials used before designing our own. In Literacy we looked at the front cover of our new text, but with the title missing, had to guess what we thought the story would be about. The range of predictions was vast but no one guessed that the story was Rapunzel! Our Literacy work this term will be linked to this twist on the fairy tale. In RE we learnt about Ramadan, what fasting is and why it is important for Muslims. In Science we planted cress seeds and learnt about the different types of seed dispersal before designing our own royal plant pot ready for planting sunflower seeds next week. The children learnt about germination and are set for the challenge of seeing who can grow the tallest sunflower. The winner will be crowned king or queen of sunflowers and be awarded with a (sunflower) crown!