Year 1

10th May 2021

In Year 1 this week, we have been looking at the Royal Family and their family tree during our Topic lessons. The children had great fun working out their own family trees and some discovered they didn’t know all their family’s first names! The children would love to find out more about their own families through discussions at home and many are keen to update their family trees with actual names once they have learnt them.

In Science we have been channelling our inner ‘Capability Brown’ and designing our own royal gardens. We started by looking at the pictures of the gardens at Buckingham Palace at different times of the year so as to see how the plants in gardens change with the passing of the seasons.

This prompted a lot of ‘talk for learning’ about the different seasons with some children explaining key features of each season and which season was their favourite and why. We then looked at images of other royal gardens such as Highgrove, Hampton Court Palace and Balmoral to get inspiration for what we might include in our own designs. It was lovely to see how creatively the children approached this task and how different each of their gardens was. Fountains and statues featured heavily but there was a great variety in the layout and planting ideas for the different gardens. The teachers are sure that Her Majesty the Queen would be very impressed!

In Art we have been looking at colour mixing and the abstract artist Kandinsky. The children created their own pictures inspired by the piece ‘Squares with Concentric Circles’ and these were then were crafted into trees.

Maths has been quite challenging this week due to the introduction of new vocabulary when talking about arrays, despite the children’s understanding of pictorial arrays having been great up until this point. It would be great if the terms ‘columns’ and ‘rows’ could be reinforced at home should there be the opportunity to do so when talking about repeated addition or multiplication.

Finally, we can’t wait to see the results of our class photo – the children all looked very smart on Tuesday!