Students with headteacher

Year 1

17th January 2020

We have continued with our topic theme of houses and homes this week. We have looked at Mr Jones’ house from the outside and tried to sketch the windows, door, garage, roof and chimney. We have been listening to all the variations of the three little pigs story and tried very hard to re write this in our own words. We are practising our number bonds during maths lessons which helps us to calculate mentally. We have been playing games using Numicon, pegs on a hanger and hiding cubes under a pot to help us to understand the link between addition and subtraction. E.g. 8+? =10 so 10-8=?

We are expanding to GCSE!

Parents have told us they need a quality senior school alternative, so from September 2021, pupils already at Copthorne or joining in Year 7 will be able to stay with us to Year 11. Our first GCSE exams will take place in 2026. 

Join us at our next Virtual Open Morning or read about our expansion to find out more.