Students with headteacher

Year 1

18th September 2020

To introduce this half term’s topic ‘My World’, we started this week by looking at ‘Ourselves’. In Literacy we talked about things that we like and dislike and then wrote a few sentences on each. Broccoli seems to be well liked! Mrs Barham really loved all the extra details her children used to add interest to their sentences:

Erin:  I like mummy because she looks after me.

Finley:  I like Chelsea playing against Liverpool.

Annika:  I dislike Chelsea because it is the worst team in the world!

Mrs Shepherd and Mrs Penrose-Smith were really impressed by the use of descriptive words which made the sentences more interesting to read:

Isla:  I like fluffy baby lambs.

Bertie:  I dislike sticky hands.

Annabel Lottie:  I dislike Brussel sprouts.  They are so disgusting.

The children also added beautiful illustrations to their sentences.  In Science we had a cutting and sticking activity where we labelled parts of the body. A t home you could play ‘Simon says’ to continue the theme! In Humanities we talked about where we live and then made passports and wrote our own addresses inside.