In our Forest School this week it was Mrs Blacker’s class that had the chance to discover who had excellent perseverance skills and who were determined to be able to use our special fire lighters to ignite a fire – well done everyone and especially Nathaniel and Ethan. While the fire lighting was in progress, the rest of the class were busy ‘creating’ using natural and man-made materials! Some children built wonderful squirrel homes and acorn stores whilst others went big! We had lengths of roads that linked to castles and a fabulous fireplace made from pieces of stone and brick.

In ICT we used a paint program to select different materials and draw a room in Three Little Pigsour house, managing to produce some beautiful pictures.

We have been carefully painting our homes and adding finer details to them. We have talked about the different materials used in the making of homes as in concrete, brick, wood, glass etc. and labelled lots of items around our classrooms. We have continued the theme of materials into our writing of the ‘Three Pigs’ and are about to practise our handwriting by writing them neatly for our classroom display.