Students with headteacher

Year 1 News – Spring Term 2017 – Week 3

28th January 2017

Mrs Lock’s class went into the woods today and were set the task of firstly finding their own seat and working together with friends if a larger log was needing to be moved – quite a challenge! We then worked in our groups to make a group broom to sweep the leaves away from our fire area. The children were only given one bamboo stick and raffia to bind materials together – some groups experienced more success than others! There was an attempt at making a fire to toast marshmallows but sadly despite Mrs Jenkins’ many attempts, the firewood was just too damp – however it did show us all Mrs Jenkins’ excellent perseverance!

As it is the start of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster the children used straws to blow black inky paint across paper to start a cherry blossom picture – reminding of course to blow and not suck down the straw!!

Mrs Blacker’s class discovered the meaning of transparent, translucent and opaque. They found that light can travel through transparent and translucent but not through opaque. Also you can see clearly through transparent glass but translucent makes the window blurry, and that’s why our bathrooms have translucent windows. In ICT we talked about items that be controlled in the kitchen. We sequenced pictures to show how to make a piece of toast. Then made toast and spread with butter and jam on it and had a yummy feast!