Students with headteacher

Year 1 News – Spring Term 2017 – Week 5

10th February 2017

We have been looking at lots of lovely old household items that the children have brought into school to share with us all. Darcy managed to bring in a really old telephone which was very, very heavy and not at all like our current mobile phones!! Thank you to all of you for the items found in attics and at Granny’s! Harrison brought in an egg slicer and a hard boiled egg to demonstrate how it works. Mrs Blacker then showed the children how to make music by strumming the wires!

Copthorne Prep School Pre-prep Year 1 visit to St. Swithun's Church - The Font - Spring Term 2017We visited St Swithun’s Church in East Grinstead and watched the vicar baptising a baby doll using a special shell that was more than a 100 years old!!

Copthorne Prep School Pre-prep Year 1 visit to St. Swithun's Church - Spring Term 2017





Copthorne Prep School Pre-prep Year 1 Cooking Popcorn at Forest Schools - Spring Term 2017


In our Forest school Mrs Blacker’s class had the challenge of using only natural materials and make a broom. They worked in teams of 2 or 3 and all teams produced something that was used to clear the camp fire area .. some more sturdy than others! Then Mrs Jenkins successfully lit a fire and we saw what happens to corn seeds when they are heated. They change into popcorn! Considering we didn’t have salt or sugar it was very yummy!