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Year 1 News – Summer Term 2017 – Week 6

30th May 2017

Copthorne PrePrep - Year 1 - Making Charcoal - May 2017Both classes spent a fun afternoon in the woods, gathering hazel and holly twigs and trimming them with secateurs to fit inside small tins which we placed on the fire to make charcoal. We then tried to draw with it in our art lessons, alongside bought charcoal, and could not believe how messy it was!

We had a rather tasty maths lesson too this week – counting, sorting and graph making with Smarties … we then produced graphs in our ICT lessons to show our gathered information. Enjoying maths through food continued as we used our plastic money to buy our break! We were even given the opportunity to get bargains as the prices reduced and our money and food started to run out.