Students with headteacher

Year 1 News – Summer Term 2017 – Week 7

11th June 2017

We have been finding very big numbers in our maths lessons and deciding which are the ‘tens’ or ‘ones’ numbers. We have been ordering numbers and using bead strings to make them too. We have been able to use our knowledge of counting in tens to help us count quickly. We have been very busy completing pictures in our art lessons based on the work of Raoul Duffy – adding yachts to our shades of the sea background previously made. Look out for our finished pieces in art week!!

It was Mrs Blacker’s turn for Forest School this week. We used potato peelers on straight pieces of Elder twigs to make them look like sharpened pencils. Next we inserted small pieces of charcoal that we had made before half term, into the soft middle to make a charcoal pencil. We then experimented with lots of mark making to see what the charcoal could do; we found that charcoal can easily besmudged to make our drawings look 3D.