Students with headteacher

Year 1 News – Week 3

25th September 2016

In maths we have been finding pairs of numbers which make a specific number using pegs, fingers and counting equipment. We have also begun working on recognition of some lower double numbers, again with the aid of our fingers.

Mrs Blacker’s class had a brilliant time in the woods. We discussed what body parts an animal or person has and then made them using the natural resources around us, plus some clay and raffia that we took with us. Some wonderful stick people were produced and Gianluca made a ninja squirrel, whilst Mrs Lock’s children found out about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. They also went on to make vegetable soup which involved lots of cutting with a knife, having listened to the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetable’.

We have also used the computers in the ICT suite and remembered how to log on using Ctrl/Alt/Delete! Little hands have to stretch a long way! We typed our name on our work and created a picture using different brush and fill tools. What a busy week!