Students with headteacher

Year 1 News – Week 6

16th October 2016

We have been finding out about the various stages of human life from babyhood to old aged pensioner and working out what we can do now that we could not do as a baby – i.e. ride a bike, talk, eat with a knife and fork. We also discussed the names of animal babies.

Mrs Blacker’s class went to the woods to use their senses. In teams named after colours, they hunted around a trail to find as many of their team coloured lolly sticks as possible. A lot of sticks were eventually found as some teams really made good detectives, while others needed a point in the right direction!

Our listening maps were really creative, the children were really quiet and used their ears well, but the high-light of the afternoon was making our perfume potions. It was brilliant, lots of wonderful ingredients including eucalyptus leaves, acorns and moss! The excitement was in the ‘mashing’ of the ingredients in the buckets!

On the theme of ‘Harvest’ the children also sketched a variety of vegetables in oil pastels, some of which were on show in Chapel for our Harvest Festival.