Year 1 News – Week 7

21st October 2016

We have been thinking about our families and writing about the things they like to do in free time. We wonder if you agree with the following statements:

Max:   Mum likes chocolate. Dad likes rugby!
Michael:   Mattias is three years old. Mattias likes trains.
                    Marcus is seven years old. He likes his Nerf gun.
Gianluca:   My dad likes to play with my Ninjago Lego.
Rosie:   My mummy likes to cuddle me.

In Forest school Mrs Lock’s class spent time listening and smelling, then making rather magical ‘Pongy Potions’ with items from around the woods!

Mrs Blacker’s class cut out pictures of baby animals and adult animals beautifully, and matched the pairs together. They also ordered pictures of human growth, from a baby to an old person.

In IT we used ‘2 Simple Modelling Tool Kit’ to select a different animal head, body and legs to create wonderful fantasy animals. Zebtrig, Kamucroc, Teeliuc, Pizetel and Tugracrocze are just some of the brilliant names that were invented for our creatures.

We have been talking about how to keep ourselves clean and why this is good practice … hence homework is a paper task for over half term – keeping track of when we carry out our personal hygiene routines!!