Year 1 – also had a wonderful day at Drusillas, despite the inclement weather! There was just the right balance of learning and fun. In the Education Centre, some of the children were dressed in a variety of waistcoats to demonstrate the different classifications in the animal kingdom. All were amazed to see the spine of the turtle ‘welded’ into the shell.

All the children have written about their day out. Here are some snippets:

The milk snake eats mice, the milk snake was called a milk snake because they went in to the cows barn. The milk snake is cold blooded, they drink water. Sam R 

The ‘cages stinked’ and ‘bats eat fruit. We saw one with a banana and it looked like he had a frown. It was funny’. Kara 

I went on a slide, the slide was really dark. I was not scared. I love the penguins. They were really good swimmers. Rio 

My favourite was James’ snake skin. It was soft. The animal work shop was interesting. The racoon was funny because he walked funny! Lacey 

I saw some flamingos. The more prawns they eat, the more pink they get. Annabelle 

I liked the fennec fox because they have big ears. I learnt that they can hear insects underground. They like to eat insects. Ella