A special World War II day

Year 2 enjoyed a special World War II day last week about which Maddie wrote: ‘Yesterday we had a World War Two day. My favourite part was when we dressed up as world war people. I had some of the food that they ate like some cod liver oil. It was disgusting! We got to wear gas masks. It was fun. We saw an air raid warden’s hat’. Yelena wrote: ‘On Thursday we saw some important people. They were Timespan; they told us about the 2nd World War. We were all dressed up as evacuees. The important people were called Lizzie and Tony. Tony and Lizzie told us that womens’ pants were made out of parachutes. Some of us dressed up as other things. They told us that there was such a thing as the black out. A black out is in the dark night, all the lights are off and it is pitch black.’

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