Our classroom ‘passports’ are beginning to gather a few stamps as we learn about various places around the world. After learning about the United Kingdom last week, we are now confident at naming all the continents and even a few oceans that we may fly over during our world travels. Henry bought in a globe of the world and told his class about how the continents used to be one land mass before they started to move apart.

During English lessons we focused on compiling questions about our topic ‘Food, glorious Food.’ We are applauding any independent learning done to follow up on these questions. Many children are growing confident in using search engines although Siri and Alexa seem popular options in finding answers to our questions.

Voting for our favourite fruits took place this week and we have discussed how best to record this data so that we can read and compare information in different ways.

There have been a few problems this week with children putting their belongings on incorrect coat pegs so please get them to check items are theirs before taking home.

Next week we are looking at food packaging to find out where in the world different food comes from. Please send in some packaging to help us. We need it from Monday so if you could raid your cupboard over the weekend, that would be greatly appreciated!