This week, Year 2 have focused on non-fiction books and have researched how non-fiction books are organised. The children, armed with this information, then set about writing their own books on Castles. This included definitions of technical vocabulary and ordering the words into alphabetical order, a successful challenge!

We have been finding out about St George and the Dragon and have been looking closely at ‘Uccello’s’ painting of St George and the Dragon. The children have been working on their own individual piece of the picture and we are creating a multimedia collage. This activity involves colour matching and working collaboratively so that when the picture is put together it still resembles the original picture.

We have also risen to the tremendous challenge of designing and programing our own Turrets and Tiaras story in 2Code Chimp; a Purple Mash program that really helps to develop our coding skills. First we had to design the scene where our story would take place and choose the characters who would feature. Now we are beginning to build blocks of code using one and two step algorithms in order to animate our stories. A special acknowledgement to Michael, Kia and Ethan for their marvellous coding so far. The teachers can’t wait to see the finished stories!

Finally we have been looking at what makes a good friend. The children have been very thoughtful considering the aspects of kindness and friendship. During RE, we read the bible story of the Good Samaritan and discussed what the Samaritan did that made him a good friend. We have been inspired to make sure that we are a good friend to others too. Some children designed ‘Wanted’ posters listing the qualities that they looked for in a friend. These included kindness, a good sense of humour and being good at sharing and a good listener.