Enjoying Grandparents’ Day

I don’t know who enjoyed Grandparent Visit Day most; the children, the grandparents or the staff! The children worked so well and the school seemed calm and purposeful. The children wrote about their grandparents;

‘In summer she wears a dress and she gets her deck chair and a lolly and sits in the garden. Her bed is the comfiest in the world!’ 

‘She always goes to France in the summer holidays. She likes cabbages and carrots. She likes making cakes and chips.’ 

‘The other day she needed to have a new hip and we saw her in hospital and she could have anything she liked to eat and drink.’ 

‘My nanny is kind and sometimes a bit frustrated because me and Tianna wind her up’ 

‘I have a sleepover, sometimes at her house and we have a midnight feast!’ 

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