Students with headteacher

“Food, Glorious Food”

20th October 2018

Thank you to our wonderful parents for the support for our home learning activity this half term. The children have so enjoyed our topic “Food, Glorious Food” and the special event was a brilliant way to complete the topic focus. The children were all very proud of the learning they had done at home and shared their experiences confidently with their friends. Of course, the teachers especially enjoyed sampling all   their cooking!

After noticing that many food labels indicated that fresh produce we eat was farmed in Africa, we spent a fortnight learning about Africa. The children looked at the layout of non- fiction books and then compiled their own non- fiction booklet about Africa. They were able to add their own chapter too. We were impressed with Rohan’s knowledge on Nelson Mandela, Henry’s facts about Egypt and Aarav for knowing how many countries are in Africa.