Students with headteacher

Great Fire of London

4th March 2019

Imagine having to crawl into your dark classroom, blindfolded, on the first day back at school, hearing the sounds of a crackling, vicious fire and experiencing a little of what it may feel like trying to escape a rampant fire! We are all excited and eager to learn as much as we can about our new topic, the Great Fire of London. Many children have already started researching during the holidays and some models have already been constructed at home. After finding out that the fire started in Thomas Farrinor’s bakery, we made our own bread during our science lesson. We are starting to learn about the changes in materials caused by heat. Another highlight of the week has been writing our own poems using a provided structure. Because these poems could only have 9 words in them, each word had to be carefully chosen for its effect. We then used movement and experimented with using our voices in different ways to effectively perform a recital as  a team.