We have had the magnifying glasses out this week to do detective work. The Year 2’s had the task of collecting food packaging and then finding out where the foods we buy come from.  Idris was very excited to learn that his quinoa came all the way from Germany.  Aarav reminded us of the benefits of buying foods locally. If your next quick trip to a supermarket becomes quite a lengthy affair, we do apologise!

Sue Hendra’s ‘Supertato’ has greatly entertained us and we have been collecting powerful vocabulary to describe his vegetable friends. The Year 2’s have impressed us with their eagerness to include new features of good writing that we have learnt about. Many are now including pairs of adjectives and even alliteration!

Religious Education has involved activities focused on finding about special books which different religions esteem. We have had children so enthused that they have started rewriting the Bible.

The highlight of the week has probably been our science lesson during which we made a healthy fruit kebab!