My sister Ffion sang Ganglam Style in the garden while I looked for worms. (Freya)

Mr Bavan my doctor told me interesting things about my adenoids. (Jope)

Antony went ski-ing and wrote, ‘Did I have fun you may ask? I did!’

We have also started to play our amazing Easter Maths games this week and are so impressed by them all! The teachers have not stopped talking about how much work has been put into the games and how much of their learning the children have used when making them – from Art and DT to English and Maths. Not only have the games been beautifully designed and made but also the instructions have been clearly written and which maths’ skills to include has been well thought out.

Although we cannot mention all of the fantastic work that the children have done as there is just too much to mention in one newsletter, here are a few of the highlights so far:

Beth’s 4-player ‘Easter in the Garden’ game was a thing of beauty and included question and answer cards and even home made dice! Ruby H’s ‘Countdown’ game came with very clear rules and was an excellent way to practise addition, subtraction and multiplication skills. William’s bunny counters for his ‘Bunnies and Burrows’ game really brought a smile to the face of the children who played this ‘Snakes and Ladders’ style game. Alexander’s ‘Copthorne Chase’ has been a hit, beautifully made and great fun to play. His instructions were very clearly set out. Macie’s ‘Guess The Shape’ game was a play on Guess Who but very cleverly used a washing line and pegs to hang all the neatly drawn shapes on. Freya made a board game using the computer to design the squares with some lovely illustrations – we could go on and on!

Very well done to everyone (parents & children!), and once we have had a chance to play them all, we will announce the winners … Watch this space!