Once again we have been amazed by the wonderful home-learning that the children did. The focus on caring for our planet is obviously something that our pupils feel very strongly about. We have been inspired by a range of projects including Henry’s ecobrick, Finn’s ecobrick stool, Callum’s ‘Work to Bee Proud of’ and Max K’s flower pot made out of an washing liquid bottled.

Next week we will be writing to Blue Peter to let others know of what we have done, with the intention of extending our influence. Perhaps Copthorne Prep can inspire others to take care of this beautiful planet! Parental permission is needed for us to send off the letters the children will be writing so we will be sending home permission slips for signature.

This week the children spent time writing their aboriginal traditional tale about Tiddalick. We have been very impressed with the quality of their writing especially as we now compare it to the work done at the beginning of Year 2. We are proud of the rich, descriptive writing full of adjectives, alliteration and similes and onomatopoeic words!

Another favourite activity this week was our art lesson during which we made our own paint and painting tools using natural materials collected on a walk around the school and eagerly brought in from home, we found pomegranate juice courtesy of Avyanna worked extremely well.

During the focus on mass and capacity the children made flapjacks carefully weighing out and measuring the ingredients, watching the sugar, butter and syrup melt was quite exciting! It was even more exciting when they were cooked and the delicious smell filled the classroom, however the most enjoyable part was yet to come… eating them !