Year 2’s had a special Australian visitor, Gap Student Mr Minnikin, who answered the questions we compiled about Australia. He told us he could easily get 20 kangaroos in his garden in one day and how large, muscular and dangerous they are. Nathaniel HB asked how high kangaroos can jump and we were fascinated to work out how high 2 and a half metres is. We weren’t convinced about trying to eat kangaroo, crocodile, frogs and bugs like Australians do! George T was keen to find out more about Australian music whilst Aiden inquired about the most famous building. 22 UK islands could fit into Australia. We were impressed that Aaradhana wanted to know more about Australian politics and Rosie who asked about the amount of poverty in Australia. She also bought in some Australian coins that her mum bought back from a visit to her homeland. We can’t wait to have our second Australian visitor next week who will be helping us play with didgeridoos and boomerangs.

During Art, we have completed our Aboriginal drawings and have made a start designing an Australian touring vehicle during IT.