How would you make a frog laugh? The children had many humorous ideas that they expanded on in their stories of Tiddalick, an Australian Dreamtime character. As well as describing the waterless summer in the outback, the children included speech to add to the drama of their stories. We have seen wonderful progress in writing, with most children remembering to include adjectives, varied sentence openers and a variety of punctuation.

Now that we have designed 2D nets of our Australian touring vehicles, we are starting to build the bodies of the vehicles. We have thought carefully about selecting a rotating axel or fixed axel. We can’t wait to get our wheels moving!

Thank you for your support practising to tell the time. We are also doing well learning our times tables. Please remember to play the Abacus games set each week as they are fantastic at reinforcing the learning done in the classroom.

Congratulations to Rosie and Goshan, who each had the top score in their class on Sumdog last month.