Students with headteacher

Investigating different forces

27th April 2018

In Science the Year 2’s have been investigating different forces such as pushes and pulls and thinking about how knights in the past would have used their knowledge of them to help them in warfare. We started off with a practical investigation into which forces would have been used in jousting. We also worked in teams to try and knock down the Pre-Prep using battering rams (although Mrs Swadling was pleased that the material that we chose was too flexible and not strong enough to knock the building over!)

After that we looked into the effect that friction has on moving objects and made predictions about whether or not it would be easier to move over a rough or smooth surface. We worked in pairs and each pair decorated a car to look like a medieval knight riding a horse. Then we rolled each of the knights down different ramps before measuring how far they travelled. We discovered that it was difficult for the knights to move on bumpy carpet and much easier for them to move on sandpaper and smooth plastic. Interestingly, we learnt that our knights travelled for longer distances on the different sandpapers than on the smooth surface as they needed something for their horses’ hooves to grip onto.