Students with headteacher

Investigating Materials

29th January 2016

Together with Year 1, we had a fascinating visit to the Sikh Gurdwara in Ifield. We were given a warm welcome by the members of the community. We were taught some Punjabi words and treated to a peaceful hymn, played on the harmonium. The children closed their eyes and there was total silence in the prayer hall! Afterwards we were given crisps and squash in the Langar Hall. Thank you to Kiran Gibbons for organising the trip.

We have also had an interesting scientific time this week carrying out investigations on materials. We have found the coolest and warmest places in the school by the careful placing of bowls of ice cubes or Twister lollies. Mrs Swadling’s office is very warm and unsurprisingly the fridge was the coldest place!

Next Wednesday, 3rd February, the Year 2 children will be welcoming Freshwater Theatre Company to learn all about the Great Fire of London. This was a great success last year for all the pupils, and teachers! The children will split into two groups and will have the opportunity to act out scenes from the Great Fire. The cost of this workshop will be £9 which will be added to your end of term bill.