Learning the Christmas Story

YEAR 2 have been busy learning the Christmas Story and have covered The Annunciation this week.

Alice wrote:
One day a lady called Mary was making
some bread. Suddenly Angel Gabriel popped in.
“You will have a baby” he said. “He will be the Son
of God” he said and fluttered away.

They have also been learning how to brush their teeth properly and, in case you need reminding, here are some very thorough instructions from Holly K:

First you need to get your toothbrush
and then you put some toothpaste on.
Secondly you put the brush under the
water and then into your mouth.
Next you brush your teeth up and down at least for
two minutes. After that you spit the toothpaste out and
finally you gurgle with water.
Then you can smile with your shiny, white, clean teeth
in the mirror.

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